Linked Data

Just to understand what is linked data, I found the dummies version. So the Bizer et. al article told me RDF triple is helpful when there are two or more data sets and I’m trying to search for two things that have a relationship. The two things I’m searching for have URIs and are linked together so that if I search for Albert Einstein across multiple databases then Theory of Relativity is going to appear in the results as well because the two things are related, they are linked by tagging. This brings us to earlier conversations about documenting the methodology for tagging. If I work on a project that is going to create a web or linked data then the methodology or tagging must be documented for all the RAs to follow and it would be helpful if it were published so people know how to search and have an explanation for what comes up during a query.

The tool I reviewed attempts this. If we remember the query function didn’t work at the time of the tool review, but it pulled from Google’s database and used¬†crowdsourced tag overlays to produce results from queries. It uses the Web of Science model which I think is or is related to linked data. After seeing this tool and its methodology, we may ask ourselves for the purposes of our particular projects¬†whether its better to crowdsource the tags/links or have a method in place to have RAs tag/link?