Week 3 (Questioning the Digital Humanities)

Visitor:  Sharon O’Dair, Hudson Strode Professor of English and Director of the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies.

Topic:  Questioning the Digital Humanities

Readings:  Read Sharon O’Dair’s paper, “Against Triumphalism” (distributed via e-mail)

Three Stanley Fish Op-eds from the NYT:  The Old Order Changeth

The Digital Humanities and the Transcending of Mortality

Mind Your P’s and B’s: The Digital Humanities and Interpretation

And these responses to it:

Mark Liberman, The “dance of the p’s and b’s”: truth or noise?

Jonathan Hope and Michael Witmore, What did Stanley Fish count, and when did he start counting it?

Martin Mueller, Stanley Fish and the Digital Humanities

Also, Google Clay Shirky and either read a little of what he’s written, or watch the TED talk.

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