Week 6 (Projects 2)

Topic:  Digital Humanities, Projects, Practices and Grants


Read Daniel J. Cohen, “Introducing Digital Humanities Now” in Debates in the Digital Humanities.

Also, take a look at the site itself:  Digital Humanities Now.

Spend 15-20 minutes exploring the NEH Office for the Digital Humanities site.  Pick out one project in particular to explore in a bit more detail, and come to class ready to talk about it.  You may find this search to be useful, too, especially as a starting place.  Keep in mind that most funded projects will also have their own associated pages on the Internet, which you may find through a search engine.

Here’s one project I’d like us all to explore prior to class so that we can start a conversation with it.  Note how this project focuses more on tool use than many of the editions we looked at last time.  Lexomics at Wheaton College.

If you’ve found a project or two online that you might be interested in trying to contribute to, make a note or post a link to it below.  We’ll take some time in class to consider what sorts of projects might interest you and what might be out there to fit your interests.

Also, remember to post on our blog.  You can make a broad observation about the kinds of projects getting NEH funding, or about Digital Humanities Now, or you can think specifically about one project you investigated.

1 thought on “Week 6 (Projects 2)

  1. Rebecca Fil

    Would this be considered a digital humanities project?
    It’s kind of like that site I posted about last week about Eliot’s “The Waste Land,” where you can access the annotated text online, except it’s with Shakespeare and there are pages about motifs with links to the text, and you can also search the entire play for one word to find a motif yourself. (For example, you can search the entire text of King Lear for the word “blind.”) It’s kind of like a souped-up Sparknotes, but still pretty cool.
    Anyway, it’s not funded by a grant, and it’s just run by one guy with a PhD. Does it count as a project?

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