Week 12 (Collaboration and Peer Review)

Visitor: Sarah Werner, Undergraduate Program Coordinator and Scholarly Outreach Coordinator, Folger Shakespeare Library

Topic: Collaboration and Peer Review in the Digital Humanities

Sarah Werner, “From the Editor.” Shakespeare Quarterly (62:3) [Fall 2011] , p.307-308,482. (Library login required.)

Sarah Werner, “Rethinking Academic Reviewing: A Conversation with Michael Dobson, Peter Holland, Katherine Rowe, Christian Billing, and Carolyn Sale” in
Shakespeare Quarterly (62:3) [Fall 2011] , p.457-462,482. (Library login required.)
This alternate version may be easier to read as it links back to the comments in their original context. Rethinking Academic Reviewing.

Sarah has also asked that we take a look at these two items on Postmedieval Forum:
Sarah Werner, “Building Community.”

and the broader discussion she contributed to:
Forum II, The State(s) of Review.

Also, take a look through the Shakespeare Quarterly Media Commons review site:

Here’s the previous year’s review site:
This is the specific review cycle which Sharon O’Dair critiqued in print as representing itself as a “more open” review process, when in fact the review privilege was restricted to a small number of (mostly tenured) experts. (See “Pretty Much how the Internet Works.” Library login required.)

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