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Simply add your name next to the review in question  You’ll each be doing a total of three reviews/presentations and a total of six peer reviews.  I’ll post samples of each here, but you needn’t follow them slavishly.  Once you know what tool, project or paper you’ll be responding to, indicate that here.

Format:  Tool Review (Dropbox)–Your Name (Peer Reviewer 1, Peer Reviewer 2)


23rd:  Tool Review (Dropbox) – Dallas Merritt (Rebecca Fil, Joseph Santoli)

30th:  Tool Review (Zotero) – Joseph Santoli (Dallas Merritt, Alex Pieschel)


6th:  Tool Review (Prezi) – Cassandra Nelson (Lauren Liebe, Dallas Merritt)

13th:  Tool Review – Lauren Liebe (Alex Pieschel)
Project Review – Dallas Merritt (Cassandra Nelson, Joseph Santoli)

20th:  Tool Review (edmodo) – Rebecca Fil (Cassandra Nelson, Alex Pieschel)

27th:  Tool Review (Twitter) – Alex Pieschel (Cassandra Nelson, Joseph Santoli)
Project Review  – Joseph Santoli (Cassandra Nelson, Alex Pieschel)


6th:  Project Review-Lauren Liebe (UCSB Broadside Ballad Archive) (Joseph Santoli, Alex Pieschel)

13th:  Project Review (The 18th-Century Common) – Cassandra Nelson (Joseph Santoli, Rebecca Fil)

20th:  Project Review – Alex Pieschel (Rebecca Fil, Lauren Liebe)
Project Review – Rebecca Fil (Lauren Liebe)
Theory Review – Joseph Santoli (Rebecca Fil, Alex Pieschel)


3rd:  Theory Review – Cassandra Nelson (Rebecca Fil, Lauren Liebe)

10th: Theory Review -Rebecca Fil (Cassandra Nelson, Joseph Santoli)
Theory Review – Dallas Merritt (Lauren Liebe)

17th:  Theory Review – Alex Pieschel (Lauren Liebe)

24th:  Theory Review- Lauren Liebe (Cassandra Nelson, Rebecca Fil)

Peer Review count (6 total required across the semester):

Rebecca Fil = 6
Lauren Liebe = 1
Dallas Merritt = 2
Cassandra Nelson = 6
Alex Pieschel = 6
Joseph Santoli = 6

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